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Culinary Team of Finland

The Culinary Team of Finland is Finland’s official team, representing Finland in international culinary competitions. 

The team represents Finland in the Culinary Olympics. The next Culinary Olympics will take place in Erfurt, Germany in 2020.

The culinary team prepares for important competitions by training under the mentorship of top trainers. One of our team’s most important tasks is to act as culinary ambassadors for gastronomic Finland.

Our professional chefs also provide the Finnish people with information, ideas and inspiration in order to enhance our everyday life.



The culinary Team of Finland is the best culinary team in the world
We export the unique Finnish culinary brand worldwide.


The Culinary Team of Finland acts as a role model in gastronomy, both in Finland and abroad, by utilizing locally produced ingredients, by being creative and innovative.


The culinary Team of Finland brings out the best in locally produced Finnish ingredients. The chefs prepare high class, delicious and healthy food, using the best technology.

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